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Final Session Follow-Up Equal Position Men and Women #3

In 2021 the third edition of the project ”Equal position of men and women” took place. During the project, ten people from closed communities were trained and deployed as community workers to make the subject of gender equality a topic for discussion in their own communities. One of the aims of the project was to create awareness about the right to self-determination of women and girls.

The final session of the third edition took place in December 2021. During this session, the community workers gave presentations about what they learned. For example, Angham, one of our community workers, said:

”The woman comes from work and has to take care of the household, do the shopping, take care of the children and cook and the man watches TV and does nothing. I was not allowed to ask for help and had to find a balance between my work and the household. Now I dare to ask for help. We have to divide the homework.”

Another community worker, Ahmad, said that he has never dealt with the topic of gender equality, but that he has become more aware of the topic since the start of the project and is excited to learn more about it.

Our community worker Fateha said she hopes there will be more recognition and appreciation for the efforts of housewives. In this regard Fateha explains that housework is also a form of work and that housewives also make an important contribution to society.

Watch the video below for the presentations of the community workers and for an impression of the final session.


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