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about us


Voice of All Women is a grassroots organisation that is committed to women’s rights and that seeks to enhance the resilience, autonomy, and agency of women from marginalised communities. Our foundation believes that the agency of women from marginalised communities is of crucial importance for their autonomy. Through projects pertaining to themes such as cultural harmful practices, sexual violence, and cultural integration, VOAW seeks to increase the visibility of marginalised women and to give them a voice. VOAW sees women from marginalized communities as potential actors of change, with their own voice, and that are capable of positively contributing to the public domain. VOAW has attained an ANBI status.


Intersectional approach

VOAW applies an intersectional approach. We examine which forms of oppression, exclusion and marginalisation can take place as a result of certain power structures and include several aspects in our examination.

Denise Sarfo

Partnership and collaboration

Partnership and collaboration are key to our work. VOAW partners with other organisations and institutions that are active in the area of our work.

Tahmina Ashraf


We pay attention to cultural sensitivity

Our organisation uses the lived experiences and knowledge of specific customs and traditions in our approach.

Nafisa Kohistani

Tranier and Advisor

Lived experience as expertise

Our trainers and volunteers have faced the same problems, issues, and barriers as our target group. Consequently, they are able to use their experience to connect to our project participants and to use this as a basis to assist them.

Jamila Talla

Founder and Advisor

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